James Tenney

Festival Dag in de Branding

The 44th edition of the Dag in de Branding Festival puts its focus of attention on American composers who were not afraid to charter their own untrammelled course. You will hear pieces by George Crumb, Harry Partch, Pauline Oliveros, Morton Feldman and James Tenney.
The crowning glory of this festival is the key work by James Tenney: Changes: Studies for Six Harps played in Het Nutshuis. It is an awe-inspiring inventive exploration of microtonality. Although reams have been written about the piece since Tenney composed it in 1985, it is only now that six harpists have taken up the challenge to perform this extremely demanding masterpiece.
During Dag in de Branding in Het Nutshuis 3 harp-pieces will be performed:
-"August Harp" (solo harp)
- "Harmonium Nr. 3" (for 3 harps)
- Changes 1-16: Studies for six harps.
Conductor: Ezequiel Menalled, Harp:  Ernestine StoopAstrid Haring and their students. Composer: James Tenney