Women who choose to wear a niqab

Photo expo: Too busy being awesome

Opening expo: Sunday April 30st 16.00


It’s one of the most controversial garments in the western world: the niqab, a veil that covers the entire face apart from the eyes. Laws banning the garment have already been introduced in many countries. Everyone has an opinion. So who are these women who choose to wear a piece of cloth that causes so much controversy? What do they consider important, attractive or funny?


Photographer Saskia Aukema visited numerous niqab wearers in the Netherlands and abroad and was surprised at what she discovered. The women were much stronger, more colourful and nuanced than she had assumed. Despite the almost impossible task of making portraits of people who want to avoid being seen, she gradually managed to make sense of a world that most of us find difficult to understand.


A special programme accompanying the exhibition has been organised on Saturday 27 May from 16.00 onwards, with the interactive installation Tele-Trust by Lancel en Maat, a guided tour by photographer Saskia Aukema herself, a film programme and an Iftar meal.


Photo: Lansel en Maat


Photo: Saskia Aukema, Veiled