Experiment and Film


Hoogtij and TEST Extra in Het Nutshuis are compiled by young composers, visual artists and other live art makers.


Sound artist Leonie Roessler temporarily moved Het Nutshuis to Iran for her sound installation Tehrsfahan. The three-part installation takes listeners on a journey to the modern Persian city of Teheran and its nostalgic counterpart, Isfahan. She created her work in February, during a residency in Iran.



Graduation students studying Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art will construct a specially designed pop-up store before 10 March, so that they can sell items they have designed themselves ranging from coffee cups to T-shirts. The proceeds will be used to compile a real exhibition with an interactive programme for their graduation projects.



We will also turn our attention to North Korea. Monumental works by Alice Wielinga will be on display in the expo Noord-Korea, between propaganda and reality, and we will show a special film programme on North Korea in the Film Vault. Assuming we are given diplomatic approval, we will even be showing a film made by North Korean filmmakers.


photo: Alice Wielinga