Expo: North Korea, between propaganda and reality

How does the news influence the way we look at things? Out of our line of vision, hordes of journalists travel to North Korea every year. Almost all of them return with the same story, a story that serves to reinforce our clichéd image of the country. But what goes on outside the extreme images we see in the news? Does normal life carry on between the concentration camps and the military parades? To many people, North Korea is a total mystery. It is often referred to as the least democratic country on Earth. But the shield of bombastic propaganda conceals another, invisible world.

A handful of scientists, filmmakers, writers and photographers, including Alice Wielinga, have spent time studying the country that we know so little about. Their observant eye has helped to fill the gap between the propagandist North Korean imagery and the alarming news items. Alice Wielinga is particularly fascinated by North Korean propaganda art. What do these pictures show us? In her work, she sketches a world between hope, dreams and bitter reality.  
On 1 March (20.00), after the film Under the sun by Vitaly Mansky, Alice Wielinga, North-Korea expert Koen de Ceuster and filmmaker Pieter Fleury will explore the mechanisms of a propaganda society.
Photo: Alice Wielinga, Epic of the soldiers
Featuring film and photography by: Tomas van Houtryve, Pieter Fleury and Alice Wielinga (among others).