De film agenda van het Nutshuis

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Movies That Matter

    Op het Movies that Matter festival zijn meer dan 60 films te zien in meer dan 250 vertoningen. Films die tonen dat tussen ogenschijnlijke zwart/wit tegenstellingen ...

  • NEW!

    Catch-up & Curry @ Nutshuis Cinema

    Nice news!   From March 1, you can not just watch a movie every Wednesday in The Nutshuis, but also enjoy a declicious curry made by Juni in our cafe.   Film &...

  • Nutshuis Cinema


    Throughout its history, North Korea has always been an insulated, mysterious country. Images from North Korea were few and far between, particularly moving images. ...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Extra-long movies

    The days are short, dark and cold. Can you think of a better way to welcome the New Year than by watching extra-long feature films, curled up in the comfy seats in ...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Radiated Cinema

    As from October, Het Nutshuis is running a photo exhibition entitled Still Alive, which portrays the lives of people who still live in their homes after the nuclear...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

    Eastern Neighbours Film Festival presents the best recent films from East and South East Europe, mainly countries that are not yet members of the large EU family. W...