De film agenda van het Nutshuis

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Senses of Cinema: open-air films, concert & streetfood

    This summer’s Senses of Cinema open-air programme at Het Nutshuis cannot fail to get your juices flowing. It features four films with music at the forefront, acco...

  • Nutshuis Cinema


    Galerie Barbette in association with Nutshuis Cinema has organised a special programme about:  FEMME FATALE & FILM NOIR   The Femme Fatale has been leaving he...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Movies That Matter

    Op het Movies that Matter festival zijn meer dan 60 films te zien in meer dan 250 vertoningen. Films die tonen dat tussen ogenschijnlijke zwart/wit tegenstellingen ...

  • NEW!

    Catch-up & Curry @ Nutshuis Cinema

    Nice !   You can not just watch a movie every Wednesday in The Nutshuis, but also enjoy a declicious curry made by Juni in our cafe.   Film & curry is an idea...

  • Nutshuis Cinema


    Throughout its history, North Korea has always been an insulated, mysterious country. Images from North Korea were few and far between, particularly moving images. ...

  • Nutshuis Cinema

    Extra-long movies

    The days are short, dark and cold. Can you think of a better way to welcome the New Year than by watching extra-long feature films, curled up in the comfy seats in ...