De experiment agenda van het Nutshuis

  • Musumnacht

    Door de bank genomen (In general terms)

    From 1855 to 1920 there was a building on the corner of the Riviervismarkt and the Jan Hendrikstraat, where the Hague's misfortunates were housed: The 'Medical Foun...

  • Museumnacht

    Lecture: About idiocy and freakery

    A lecture by Annemieke van Drenth,   Leiden University     About idiocy and freakery Children in the nineteenth century Idiot school in The Hague   Freaks are...

  • Museumnight


    Forget how idiot you were? To check back later, you can let yourself be caught in our photobooth.

  • Museumnacht

    Test: How normal are you?

    How normal are you? Are you out of this time and you meet Seneca's ideal? Are you as eccentric as Foucault, wonderfully like Aristotle or absurd as Sartre? Do the T...

  • Museumnight

    Dance like nobody is watching!

    Be a dancing fool. ! In the Cafe, with DJ, livestream...

  • Music


    Sitting in the Nutshuis garden, you’ll have front-row seats for three summer Friday-afternoon carillon concerts. The shade of the garden, far from the hustle and ...