Jonge en ambitieuze makers van de compositieafdeling van het Koninklijk Conservatorium trakteren de avontuurlijke bezoekers van Het Nutshuis op 75 minuten experiment. Van geluid en performance tot en met dans en multimedia. 
Het programma:

Chocolate by German Median Calle
A game I used to play in my childhood
Conductor: Lauge Dideriksen
Clapping: Vitalis Karagkezidis & Cindy Giron
Royal Trash Ensemble: Orestis Willemen, Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir, João Ceitil, Thomas Van Dun, Amba Klapwijk, Brisa Fumero, Rob Jones, Àbel Fazekas
Human Waste by Orestis Willemen
Orestis Willemen was, is and maybe will be a composer from Earth, currently residing in The Hague. He enjoys the smell of gasoline and the taste of glass. One of his latest preoccupations has been on developing the ability to brush his teeth with his left hand (he is right-handed), since he is convinced it will promote the development of new neural pathways. He would also like to acknowledge the solace he finds in the fact that with the recent advancements made on 'bio cremation', he can rest assure that after his death, the disposal of his body will produce the least amount of carbon dioxide as to avoid contributing to the greenhouse effect.
Royal Trash Ensemble: Cindy Giron, German Medina Calle, Lauge Dideriksen, Thomas van Dun, Vitalis Karagkezidis, Marie Pien, Orestis Willemen
Kassiani by Alexandros Gkonis
Conductor: Alexandros Gkonis
Singers: Eva Modic, Pia Rener, Judith Sepulchre, Ana-Maria Lopes, Lina Aselskyte, Zijing Meng
Move to Filmkluis
Projection of fixed media piece by Abel Fazakes
Short intermezzo cafe
Return to the Main Hall
The Royal Brno Connection
With immense pride we present the result of an intense collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire and the JAMU Conservatoire of Brno. 6 composers of the two participating countries have written six pieces for an ensemble consisting of 3 musicians from Brno and 3 musicians from The Hague, all skillfully led by a conductor from the Master-Orchestra Conducting. The past few days our musicians and composers have been rehearsing side by side to present to you this wonderful program. Tomorrow all artists travel to Brno, to present their music.
Canon in 3/8 by David Azaglo
Bleaching by Darina Zurková
Streams by James Alexandropoulos-mcEwan
Soare by Haimoni Balgava
Solos by Sara Zamboni
Popis Neurotic by Rudolf Drozd
Conductor: Tom Goff
The Royal Brno Ensemble:
Anežka Šejnohová – Flute
Pavel Naus – Trombone
Rudolf Drozd – Bass Guitar
Alfian Emir Adytia -   Cello
Stefania Pigozzo – Piano
Gabriele Segantini - Percussion