A great day for enthusiasts and professionals alike, featuring a huge collection of photo books (new and second-hand, for swapping, selling or simply browsing), as well as films, interviews, designers, photographers and exhibitions.
Public mini-master class in crowd funding
The speed dates are fully subscribed, so we’ve come with another golden opportunity for photographers looking for advice. Roy Cremers, founder of Voordekunst, will give a public mini-master class on crowd funding, in which he examines the megalomaniacal plans of Bruno van den Elshout.
The Hague-based artist Bruno van den Elshout (1979) worked on a series of autonomous projects on Europe (Crossroad Europe, 2007-2009) and the Dutch highways (Poldermotieven, 2011). In 2012, he took portraits of the North Sea horizon every day, every hour for an entire year. In 2013, he wants to see this project (entitled NEW HORIZONS) transformed into a monumental book. In order to achieve this, Bruno has set himself the task of raising € 100,000 within six months by crowd funding.
Presentation of new magazine
On 17 February 2013 during the Fotoboek! photo event in Het Nutshuis in The Hague, Salvo will launch the first edition of a brand new periodical for photography.

Salvo consists of Anne Geene, Arjan de Nooy, David de Jong, Sander Uitdehaag and Vincent van Baar. Together, they produce, share and interpret photography. Their aim is to produce a publication three times a year, which will vary in lay-out and number of copies in line with the chosen theme.
This particular edition features photos and text inspired by a theme they devised themselves. It is entitled: van deze foto ga je dood [this photo will kill you].
400 copies of this 80-page paperback will be published and on sale for €15.
The Favourite Book of...
Wim van Sinderen, curator of The Hague Photo Museum, takes 40 minutes to divulge his favourite photo book. He may eventually find it too difficult and choose more than one, but it is guaranteed to be an entertaining 40 minutes full of sound, image and touch. So don a pair of white gloves and leaf through the treasures of Wim van Sinderen’s library!
Bunkers in Albania
Last November, The Hague photographer David Galjaard won the prestigious Paris Photo First Photobook Award 2012 with his book, Congresco. David began taking pictures of the Albanian landscape in 2008, captivated by the hundreds of thousands of small concrete bunkers dotted around the country. They were built during the 40 years that followed the Second World War by the communist dictator Enver Hoxha, who feared attack by foreign forces.
David Galjaard was asked to compile a film programme for Fotoboek! He chose Mushrooms of Concrete by Martijn Payens, a film that won the International Film Festival of Gent 2011 student film competition, documentary category, and was nominated for the IDFA award for best Student Documentary.
After the screening, Mrs Dean (alias Hester Keijser) will join David Galjaard, designer Katie Mcgonigal and film maker Martijn Payens to discuss Albania, bunkers and good photo books.
The Magical Duo
Especially for Fotoboek!, Het Nutshuis has joined forces with the Liefhertje en de Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR) gallery in The Hague to organise a round table discussion about the Magical Duo; Photographer and Designer. How do they actually go about compiling a photo book? How do you form the perfect partnership? And how do you create the perfect book? Graphic designer Roger Willems, author and photo specialist Hester Keijser, designer Karin Mientjes and photographer Anne Geene will meet to discuss this subject under the watchful eye of discussion leader, Kim Knoppers, curator of Foam.
For Hanna, Future Stories from the Past
In addition to moving images, words and lots of books, there are also two photo exhibitions. In The Rise of Populism in Europe by FOTODOK, concerned photo journalists from various European countries (Andrea Gjestvang - NOR, Ed Thompson - UK, Jan-Joseph Stok - NL/FR and Dirk-Jan Visser - NL), go in search of populist (and sometimes political) shifts taking place close to home.
17 February also sees the opening of an exhibition entitled For Hanna, Future Stories from the Past by Willem Poelstra. In January 2012, a year after the death of his father, Willem Poelstra left for Kosovo to make a start on his project. Poelstra’s father had left him a box of documents and photos, alluding to a family conflict that Poelstra knew nothing about. His father had been a volunteer in a locomotive factory in Berlin during the Second World War, despite the obvious hardship the war had imposed on his Jewish mother. They married shortly after the end of the War. Poelstra wanted to discover more about the personal and social suffering that inevitably follow war and conflict. For Hanna, Future Stories from the Past is the result.
Willem Poelstra’s exhibition will open immediately after Fotoboek! During the opening ceremony, Jellie Brouwer (Kunstof radio) will interview Willem Poelstra and his ‘magical trio’ (designer Regina Geerts, scriptwriter Guido van Eijck and anthropologist Dorien Claessen) to find out more about the project.
The Netherlands has a new bank; a Time/Bank. E-flux started the Time/Bank a year ago. Time/Bank is a platform where groups and individuals can pool and trade time and skills, bypassing money as a measure of value. Instead, time is used as the currency of this bank. Time/Bank is based on the premise that everyone in the field of culture has something to contribute and that it is possible to develop and sustain an alternative economy by connecting existing needs with unacknowledged resources. Since the launch of the Time/Bank, several Time/Stores have opened in Europe and thousands of transactions have taken place. Do you want to share your talents? The Hague Time/Bank will be open for information, advice and to join throughout the book fair.
We hardly need to remind you, but we are currently enduring an economic crisis. So how do ensure that even people on a tight budget can get their hands that one special book? Simple: bring a book with you (one that you’ve finished with or one of your own) and see if you can find the book you’ve been looking for on the swapping table.
But the main event is… books!
Fotoboek! is a day for gleaning information, swapping experiences, having fun and, of course, looking at photo books. It is aimed at photographers, designers and anyone else with a love of photo books. Alongside bunkers, peeks into personal archives and an in-depth study of the Magical Duo, you will also find: a large collection of new and second-hand photo books on sale, a special presentation by the Meermanno Museum, speed dates to pair photographers with experts in the field of photo books, photographers on the soapbox, more film, book-signing sessions, bartering and interviews.
(Book sellers: Photo Museum, Van Zoetendaal, The Eriskay Connection, Post Editions, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, LhGWR, FOTODOK, Van Paddenburg, Roma Publications and many more).
12.50-13.30 Lecture by Wim van Sinderen
13.15-13.30 Mini-master class on crowd funding with Roy Cremers
13.30 -14.30 Speed dates
14.00-14.30 Signing session
14.30-15.30 Film and discussion with David Galjaard
16.00-17.15 Round table discussion
17.30-18.00 Interview with Willem Poelstra