Hoogtij/ TEST Extra

Hoogtij and TEST Extra in Het Nutshuis are compiled by young composers, visual artists and other live art makers.


This time, it is the turn of composer and sound artiest, Leonie Roessler. You may very well have encountered Leonie and her sound equipment during the last few months on a market square, in the harbour area or a car park somewhere in The Hague. She spent the last year collecting sounds; from the almost inaudible whirring of a mechanical advertising board to the booming foghorn of a passing ship. She then compiled all the sounds she had gathered to create Luister Den Haag. Leonie has installed her sound compositions in five different spots in the Nutshuis building and garden, so sit back and enjoy these original audio collages.


In addition to Leonie’s sound collages, this is your last opportunity to visit the DocuDenHaag 2015 exhibition featuring work by Verena Blok, Ursula Jernberg and Jan Rosseel. 


During Hoogtij, you can visit 26 different locations between 19.00 and 23.00 hrs. From White Cube to underground, from more established art in galleries and institutes to experimental art, installations and performances at artists’ cooperatives and in public spaces.