Fotoboek! 2015

Sunday 15 February sees the third edition of the annual Fotoboek! event in Het Nutshuis, The Hague. A great day for professionals and enthusiasts of photobooks. In addition to photobooks (new and second-hand, for swapping, selling or simply browsing), the programme also features films, designers, interviews, photographers and an exhibition.
Speed dates
A golden opportunity for photographers in search of advice and inspiration. Any photographer with plans to compile a photobook, whether at an early or an advanced stage, can sign up to spend five minutes chatting to our experts. This year, photo critic Merel Bem, journalist Eefje Blankevoort and Erik Vroons, Editor-at-large of GUP Magazine will be waiting to meet you at the table.
Never the same
Every year, Het Nutshuis invites a keen photobook specialist and collector to come and tell us about his or her favourite book. This year, we’ve asked compiler and designer Willem van Zoetendaal. Taking things to an entirely new level, he has decided to deliver a Sunday service for the disciples of photobooks. Not to be missed!  
Edie Peters from PhotoQ interviews two generations
There is no doubt that Edie Peters has earned his photographic spurs. He started his career working for De Volkskrant newspaper, before spending the last 12 years focusing on various different facets of photography (teaching, publishing, organising etc.) He has also been at the helm of PhotoQ for the last few years. For this edition of Fotoboek!, he will interview two photographers; one from the latest generation of budding young talent and the other, a veteran of the trade. What do they see still in each other? Do they feel recognition or alienation? Is there anything left to learn, to be inspired by or to admire?
Eefje Blankevoort meets Ola Lanko from ED
The photobook ED was recently nominated for the prestigious Paris Photobook Award 2014. Ola Lanko, one of the makers, meets Eefje Blankevoort, documentary maker and journalist, to discuss the photographic archive, excess and trivia.
But the main event is… books!
Fotoboek! is a day for gleaning information, swapping experiences, having fun and, of course, looking at photo books. It is aimed at photographers, designers and anyone else with a love of photo books, but also includes tailor-made advice, speed dates with photobook experts for photographers, films, book-signing sessions, bartering and interviews. 
At the book market: Printroom, The Eriskay Connection, PhotoQ, Photobooks_be with unusual Belgian photobooks and The American Book Center with a very special selection.